Taiwan made vaccines: Medigen (MVC)

Many locals are trying to find the best vaccine for themselves, from elders to the younger people. Due to the political conflicts in our own country, the vaccination coverage was pretty low for the first time, but our government is trying very hard to either import vaccines from overseas or arrange local production from Medigen corp. Currently, there have been four kinds of vaccines that Taiwanese can choose from, AstraZeneca(AZ), Moderna, BioNTech(BNT), and Medigen.

No obviously side effects

The Medigen was made mainly by protein with less possibility to feel headache or arm soreness. Compared to other vaccines, the death rate of Medigen is the lowest by far; though some politicians and media are trying to blame the death toll on Medigen. It’s been five days since the first time I got vaccination, but I still feel nothing at all, not even a pain.

Vaccination record card

People who were vaccinated for the first shot needs to wait for 4 weeks for the second round. The needle was made by one of the excellent kinds in Taiwan without feeling any pain while people are under the process of vaccination. Even the president and vice president chose the Medigen when its first wave of vaccination started. The difference of Medigen is that each person gets shot for one bottle, and there is no residue problem.


Belizean minister

The Belizean minister showed his support to Taiwanese vaccines, believing the cooperation of Medigen with US-based Dynavax Technologies.

Minister Chebat Speaks on the Medigen Vaccine – Love FM | Belize News and Music Power

It is a great opportunity and honor to produce our own vaccinations, since the outbreak of Covid-19, the vaccines became one of the strategic materials for each country. Taiwanese appreciate those doses received from Czech, Japan and U.S., and some of our people were immune from the virus for some period of time. In order to deal with the current Delta transformed virus, which is frustrating and stubborn, every country is doing their best to figure out the best strategy for themselves. On another hand, the CDC of Taiwan is part of medical research team, each day of 2 pm, the minister of Health and Welfare explains the positive cases for us, trying to make us relieve and feel at ease. With our medical support from the hospitals, and stats from professional personnel, people should have faith in our country especially locals. Even China is deferring the BNT vaccines for the sake of boosting confidence in Chinese vaccines for their people.

So I would say, choose the Medigen, give Taiwan a chance.

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