Seqalu: Formosa 1867

Seqalu is one of the local serial films that depicts the true stories happened 154 years ago. Before the foreign power invaded Taiwan, the natives had confederations for handling their public affairs, ruling different tribes, and trading foods. Each tribe has its own culture, language, and festival; so skirmishes happened a lot during the old period of time. Even the Han Chinese ( Holo), who migrated to this island to cultivate some wastelands, involving into conflicts with either natives or Hakka Chinese.

Seqalu represents one part of our histories during the Qing dynasty; the film producer, makeup team, and village scene creators have dedicated a lot of hard work to rebuilding the previous days, so we are able to watch such a meaningful movie.

The first scene was taken in Pingtung, the most Southern place on Taiwan, where most natives are Paiwan here, and the Seqalu was also named after this group of people. The village of Qing dynasty is welcome everyone to visit in Tainan, as long as visitors applied beforehand. It is allowed to apply online on Sep. 7th, and people who are granted to visit can go to the place from Sep. 17 to Oct. 31.

After Qing dynasty, Japanese started to rule the island with more civilization and stricter systems to separate locals from the ruling class. For more details about this, Seediq Bale is another film that people can watch after Seqalu, which is highly recommended.
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Both Seqalu and Seediq Bale are based on true histories and the local sights, however, locals here seem to fight against each other instead of targeting their common enemy solidly. So the history repeated it again, even until now, some local cooperators work with CCP and try to overthrow the previous Chinese government, ROC/KMT party, into communist China. Only the people who are still willing to stay on this island, trying to protect and prevent it from infiltrating by the communist China.

As time passed by, most Han Chinese who had already inhabited Taiwan long time ago, rooted on this island and became Taiwanese. So, this is our story and hope one day that the identity problem could be solved. Thanks for watching Seqalu.

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