Is Taiwan a real democratic country with freedom?

Taiwan is an island surrounded by the ocean with probably the most authoritarian country, China, as our neighbor. Based on the geography and cultures, most people compare Taiwan with China while Japan with Korea. Some academic research centers include Taiwan as part of China study, so students who prefer studying Taiwan can understand some Chinese backgrounds at first hand. For most outsiders, Taiwan and China share the common Chinese cultures but one is a free country or entity, another is a world with dictator and many overseas runaways.

Democracy of initial stage

People deem Taiwanese democracy from the end of martial law; however, lots of adjunct organizations and state-run corporations were owned by the KMT Chinese party. Even until now, different political parties are still fighting for the transitional justice issue. Few days ago, the Transitional Justice Commission just released the issue of whether to tear down the statue of Chiang Kai-Shek at its memorial hall. The KMT party, of course, rejected the case as usual and one of the political commentators even suggested that the hall can be transformed into anti-communist. While the chairman of KMT party insisted that if the current Taiwanese government would do so, it means the cultural independence and he will declare the war.


Lack of national ideology as a whole

People who have watched Seqalu would discover so many languages and ethnic groups of people, during the ancient time, the identity of locals belonged to their own group of people without the sense of building a country. So there were many skirmishes by that time either for foods or water resources. After hundreds of years later with the ruling from different foreign governments, locals here began to seek the power and define the identity of ourselves.

Though almost 70% of the population deem ourselves Taiwanese now, there are sill 30 % of people who think differently, either Chinese or both. And the identity mainly depends on the political party that they support not the ethnic group that they were born with. Right now, the Chinese communists would find their cooperators from the above 30 %, and target Taiwanese from the 70%. This is not news to locals, but the recent aggressive behaviors from CCP make it even worse and obvious.

Few years ago, the local political party built as Taiwan People’s Party, commonly known as the White Power, trying to take the throne between Democratic Progressive Party, DPP, and KMT Chinese party. It looks like the Taiwan People’s Party would like to cooperate with the KMT party, and keep condemning the current ruling party, DPP, for the wrong polity that they made.

Despite the fact that Taiwanese can criticize the government, go on parade, vote for our party preference, and enjoy the freedom of speech; people still tend to blast DPP instead of KMT party if anything goes wrong. One thing still unchanged is that locals seem to constrain ourselves from expressing the Taiwanese identity overseas, though few people are dare to do so alone, the numbers of oversea Chinese deter our people from acting so.

Brainwashing education

The Chinese National Party, KMT, claimed their authority to land the island and brought many treasures from China, according to its statement. Nevertheless, experts who researched on the antiques exposed the lie that KMT is sill broadcasting at the museums and among civilians, which is the value of gold that they claimed. The truth is that there was no gold, merely the wasted elements for refining gold but failed finally.

Some elders and young people start to think Republic of China, ROC, is a legal government on our island and should be recognized by the world. They simply are intimidated by China or the ROC government. Others just claim that we are already an independent country, like the president Tsai said earlier before. So people can get away with endless conflicts with Chinese and maintain our current authority, in case China will invade. If any political party dares to announce the independence of this island without any cost, they will definitely lose the vote right away.

National Palace Museum

The elixir

The only way and the most difficult path that Taiwanese do not want to choose is to change the government radically such as amend the Constitution, announce the independence quo, rebuild the army and police system, etc.

Some experts emphasize that the U. S. government will not allow Taiwan to declare independence nor Chinese invasion. But keep holding the ROC card does not work at all. If KMT really steps down, Taiwanese are able to figure out the solution and that is the first challenging step.

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  1. cheriewhite says:

    My heart, thoughts, and prayers go out to you and to your country. China is the big bully on the global playground and their ultimate goal is to not only take Taiwan, but the entire world.

    I’m also sorry that we (the USA) have such a spineless, weak-kneed, and treasonous president (Bumbling Biden) that we can’t do more to help at this time. But know that, in spite of our illegitimate and CCP butt-kissing government heads, average Americans like me are praying for you and for Taiwan. Blessings to you always! 🙏🙏🙏


    1. Middager says:

      Thanks for your kind reply. Our government has KMT Chinese party, which persecuted lots of locals when they landed on the island. We need to settle our conflicts and negotiate with other countries in the same time.

      The current wave of global countering China sentiment seems a chance for us. We are still willing to cooperate with the Biden administration, if they are willing to help us. God bless all of us.


      1. cheriewhite says:

        I’m so sorry about the persecution. How long ago did the KMT land on your island? Or was it a slow, drip by drip occurrence?


      2. Middager says:

        It was the year of 1947, after the World War II. Many people were exploited by KMT, including my family members. Just like Chinese communist party now, they slaughtered people and took our property.


      3. cheriewhite says:

        Oh my goodness! My heart breaks for you! I’m so sorry the evils of China, Mao, and Xi Zinping have touched your family! The CCP are scum of the whole earth! 😭💔 Know that you’re all in my prayers. 🙏🙏🙏


      4. Middager says:

        The president Chiang of KMT party has ruined my family once, now it’s the CCP that touches me. And there is a hall to memorize the Chiang Kai Shek.

        Why these Chinese cannot let go of us?


      5. cheriewhite says:

        Because it’s all about power with them, honey. These people you deal with are psychopaths and megalomaniacs! They can’t handle it when they don’t have power over people. Understand that those types of people in the CCP get a huge ego boost from the power they weild and power is like a drug. It’s addictive. When they order people around and even harm them, they (the CCP) get a huge ego boost- a power trip! Put simply, it feels good to them.

        Realize that they are evil. They are wicked. They have no redeeming qualities, no talents, no value, no decency, so they feel they must harm people and take over their lives to feel powerful.

        People like them are the scum we clean off the bottom of the toilet bowl.

        Know that you’re among friends here in the blogosphere. And we care about you.


      6. Middager says:

        “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.“

        I know these people are evil, but there are still kind people in China, it’s just they can’t get away from their country and people in the free world may not be able to help them.Chinese do not understand the real meaning of freedom and democracy, maybe that’s the first lesson they should take. I just said in the public that I am Taiwanese, which makes them crazy with years of targeting and harassing.
        Friends of mine who compromised to them are having quite satisfied life now, it’s called the rod or carrot method.
        I don’t regret what I have chosen.Wish the people of Taiwan can do the same thing as I do.


      7. cheriewhite says:

        I completely understand and my heart breaks for you. I realize that not all Chinese are bad people. Many of them are great people and that’s why they flee China for a better life because they’re persecuted by their own government. Only the CCP are evil scumbags. And I make it a point to say CCP and not the Chinese people. It’s the CCP who are the scumbags. Not the people as a whole.


      8. Middager says:

        That’s what the Chinese people keep telling the world, but the thing is that we cannot tell whether they are part of the CCP or not, so people tend to avoid them and that makes them unhappy.


      9. cheriewhite says:

        Unfortunately there will be innocent people that fall through the cracks and get lumped in with the bad ones. That’s the sad thing.


      10. Middager says:

        I heard that there are Church people who helped Chinese so many times, hoping the Chinese man could get out of control, but the truth is that he was never targeted by the CCP, just wants to use the kind American so he could earn more money and property in the States.


      11. cheriewhite says:

        The CCP are definitely trying to get their grubby paws on American assets that’s for damb sure!


      12. Middager says:

        They also purchased many lands in Japan. After Covid, some hotels in Kyoto were merged into Chinese businesses.


      13. cheriewhite says:

        People need to.put a stop to it because there’s an evil agenda behind this. They’re trying to take over the world.


      14. Middager says:

        Yes, but most people seem to be afraid of them. Even politicians, they are trying to get away with this kind of issue if possible.


      15. cheriewhite says:

        That’s for “damn” sure. Sorry for the typo.


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