Historical plaza and its surroundings

Twatutia (Dadaocheng) is one of ancient districts in Taipei with businesses of food ingredients through different authorities. Its history can be traced back to 1851, when most local shop owners were trading rice, tea leaves, and cloth with other countries by ports. Now the Dadaocheng Pier Plaza is the place where visitors enjoy the riverside, the sunny weather, the food stands and riding through bicycle lane.

Dadaocheng Pier Plaza

The food stands are closed on Sep. 25, 2021, but it is highly recommended when they are open again for festivals.

Dihua street: dried foods paradise

There are many ingredients that people can find on this street from different stores, such as Chinese dates, Rosemary, Lavender, dried fruits, soup base for braised foods, etc. People who like tea, snacks, stew foods are welcome, especially for those who prefer to pick their own package of ingredients and make your own flavor. Also, nuts and cookies are available; though some shop owners still follow the old measuring system, which means weighing by pounds for calculating prices , these are a place that visitors can enjoy local shopping experience.

Some coffee shops are here for customers to relax after shopping or eating at food stands. These are places where locals see western style buildings. The local craft store is here to provide service for people, and it is an environment that visitors can know more about our history.


Yongle Market

This is the place where customers used to buy cloth for making their own dresses, now people tend to shop at the fashion store or online, probably dressmakers or collagists would place in substantial orders.

There is one floor for immigration service, but others can still visit for foods and other interesting things.

Taipei Xiahai City God Temple

The Cupid at this city god temple is famous for matchmaking couples for years, lots of followers come to pray for good marriage or return the favor for getting married. Shops across the temple sell a package of snacks for praying at temple with 100 NTD.

Taiwan Cupid

The access to Dadaocheng is convenient, walk for few minutes from this area, there is bus route for visitors to take or if you like to travel by MRT, the Shuanglian station is the nearest station that you can take, but it takes some time to walk. In addition, the Shuanglian station connects with Zhongshan, and Taipei station with underground street; travelers can save commuting fee while shopping and seeing different stores on underground street. After long hours of exploring this area, travelers can enjoy foods at Ningxia Night Market where local meals and drinks are served almost everyday. Hope everyone can enjoy their time with their own way of traveling.

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