The mystery of fortune-telling in Taipei

There are many ancient ways of fortune-telling in Taiwan, whether its read by face, hands, birds, or tortoise shells. It is said that the most accurate way of fortune-telling is by reading one’s birthday with its birth time. Although the modern technology provides online free version for people who are anxious of finding solutions for their troubles, without spending any money and commute time; the best method of solving a problem is communicate with the master who you trust or heard by somebody else.

Xingtian temple

Tourists who visit the temple may try their luck to find the most appropriate fortune teller for themselves. If you are confused about your future after praying at the temple, the fortune-telling street seems a good choice for you.

One of the entrances for fortune-telling street

Choose one of the fortune tellers that you are fond of and ask questions; some common topics are provided such as marriage, romance, future job hunting, family issues, or any question that you can think of. The basic fee here is NTD 500 for one question, and most masters who work on this street can speak Japanese.

Photo credit, the fortune-telling showed by the tortoise shell
Rice fortune-telling

Rice fortune-telling is one of the fascinating ways to read future for people, though the result of future differs based on the time, moods, and the way that we pick rice; the future is still on our own.

Photo credit: 4500_orig.jpg (635×421) (

Tarot cards reading

In recent years, more and more young people tried to find masters who read tarots for them to solve their problems. This tarot shop provides different ways of future-telling for customers, with basic fee of NTD 350 for 15 minutes. Each master can read tarots, but some of them can tell the future in another way. Advanced reservation is recommended.

Location: 2F, No.24, Neijiang St. Lane55, Wanhua District, Taipei, Taiwan. 108

Despite the fact that some bad fortune tellers in the past have done something wrong to hurt people, making some worse images among elders; fortune-telling still provides its purpose for people, it is like a gambling, sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. As long as we have our goal, the good fortune teller can guide us to the right path. Wish you all good luck and enjoy your time here!

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