The controversial National Day

The Oct. 10th is the National Day in Taiwan now, according to the official calendar and the Constitution. Not only the National Day, but also the national flag are condemned by locals who have preference over independence or counter hegemony of KMT Chinese party. Although the National Day in China now is Oct. 1st, and many foreigners distinguish this holiday from Taiwan; few people may not know that the current National Day in Taiwan was originated from China as well. To be more specific, all the mandatary laws and holidays were decided by KMT authority long ago, except the February 28 massacre and few other customs were created into holidays after and by local officials, the Formosans have only an ostensible advantage in many aspects of leadership.

For many citizens, the National Day is just a holiday that people can take break without considering too much about its background and history. Same as the Feb. 28th, people seem to forget its cause and the meaning to memorize it.

One of my Chinese friends who was born in Taiwan but forgot her connections with Taiwan while she was an oversea student, told me that no matter how unwillingly, this flag represents the official Taiwan for current period of time. Many people from Taiwan do not dare to express their identity while they are abroad, fearing to be targeted by CCP for the rest of their lives; when others question their Taiwanese identity, they seem to emphasize their support for DPP, democratic progress party, without cutting the connections with China. So, for them, supporting DPP is a kind of behavior that means they are with us.

The Formosans are forced to accept this flag despite of its staggering legality in the world, in the meanwhile, we are facing the forefront of Chinese communists aggression. This flag is intriguing, when the Chinese delegate visited Taiwan, the KMT politicians oppressed us to abandon the flag whereas in our daily lives, they keep maintaining its necessity and importance. This situation makes DPP show this flag when Chinese are trying to invade our territorial zone, even though people who support DPP hate this flag so badly.

To us, this flag is for Chinese to keep its authority in Taiwan especially for KMT party. The real Formosans do not have the national flag, the current flag is only the temporary one lasted for almost 72 years. The current government should not keep declaring this flag without reforming, nor the Chinese armies invade our lands so freely.

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