Taiwan Cultural Day

Oct. 17th is Taiwanese Cultural Day. The Minister of Culture cooperates with almost 179 art galleries and organizations to provide artistic exhibitions without entrance fee. For art-lovers, this is the best opportunity to see as many artifacts as possible. On this special day, we could appreciate art paintings, visit museums with the tour guide to help us understand more about local cultures. The Cultural Day was started first in 1914 by one of elites, Lîm Hiàn-tông, who created Taiwanese cultural day for us, though he had met many setbacks in the process and the day was almost terminated; after many helps from other great minds, this day was finally determined.

Life style of Tao-Wu people

Tao-Wu is one of aboriginals in Taiwan, and most of them are located on Orchid island with festivals and traditions to get along. The below photo was one of displays to show their original life style. Though some of their generations may stay in other cities, the reservation of the canoe’s house is one way to keep tradition alive. I believe that this is the creation of wisdom by Tao-Wu people, and others should respect their way of living, in the same time, the Tao-Wu people should be proud of themselves rather than being outsiders. Since we are all Taiwanese, different life styles won’t be a problem.

The Canoe’s House of Tao-Wu people, located at National Science Museum in Taichung

Taiwanese poem

It is quite hard and rare to find Taiwanese poems in the public, especially in Taipei city. The following poem is the one that I saw at the 228 memorial park. This poem was created for victims and their generations to console their hearts and wounds.

The title is su-liām, which means to sigh for something. “When the flower blooms, it reminds me of my dad. You held my hands and walked along our town. When the flower withers, it reminds me of my dad too. You sacrificed on Feb.28, and I will never see you again. On the chilling day of Feb. with broken heart and sentiments, it feels like flowers were just dropped on the ground aside us. Another year comes with flowers blooming and withering, but I miss you day and night. And never should I forget.”

Taiwanese poem

The painting

This is one of the paintings that I found at the fair with probably USD $30-40. Hope that one day the value of art would be higher, and common people would see it as the invisible property, so the trend of literary thoughts will be dramatically changed.

Glad to see so many people on this day for the celebration of Cultural Day. Cultures should be seen on our daily life whether its life style, eating habits, the way we act and read; not just celebrated on the specific day for appreciating artifacts. Hope one day that peoples of Taiwan would be proud of our distinct cultures, no matter the origins. Also, the Ministry of Culture was the best helper; without it, we won’t be able to enjoy our weekends so happily.

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