Freedom of international activities

For most people, Taiwan is a remote island with exotic cultures, peoples, and democratic society. We are banned from many international activities due to Chinese hegemony and influences in different countries. The former president of South Korea once called us,” freedom China” while some of influential editors, celebrities deem our culture “Chinese” rather than Taiwanese. For us, fighting for the fully independence from current system of Republic of China, is a challenging work; but generally, people of Taiwan started to enjoy the basic freedom after lifting martial law in 1987. The legislator who represents for Taiwan State Building Party was recalled by voters successfully yesterday, proving that the Chinese force and local gangs on this island still occupy at different industries and influence our daily life. In my opinion, Taiwan is more like some eastern European countries, in the transitional phase from former authoritarian system to current democratic society.

Summer programs for Harvard students in Taipei

Based on the News that Harvard university will start to change the location of summer programs from Beijing to Taipei, since the Chinese authority was unwilling to cooperate with them with lots of restrictions. The Harvard students will join the summer program at National Taiwan University, including sight seeing, Chinese language courses, and cultural experience.

For the past decades, the National Taiwan Normal University has started to attract many overseas students to visit its school for summer programs, with Chinese courses and other useful lectures. For locals, this school was for training students to become teachers someday, but now, many elites choose this school for some certain study.

It is a good idea for overseas students to visit our country to experience our cultures, and study our languages; however, many schools attract students to study Chinese language rather than other interesting topics. Although, this will help Taiwan to be seen widely; I am afraid that more and more people will think Taiwan has only Chinese culture.

Art Taipei exhibition/online tour

The Taipei Art exhibition is opening now until Monday, Oct.25, but the online tour can be seen until Nov. 5. If you are interested in these paintings and artifacts, please click the link and register your account.
2021 ART TAIPEI | Artsy

MIT booth, “Next Season XI”, by Han-Ting, Tsai. Oil on canvas.
MIT booth, “Oasis”, by Lee-Yi-Hsuan.
MIT booth, “Passing By 2”, by Sylph Su. Oil painting.
“Taiwanese Landscape Screen-View of Neng-Gao Mountain”, by Chien Yu-Jen. Cement, sand, mineral powder, minerals.
“We’re going where winds don’t blow”, by Wu Yeou Xin. Ink and wash painting on paper.
Topics of natives. ” I don’t know who I am while I am at the top of 101 building”. Artifacts, by Lavuras Matilin.
Topics of natives. From the right: “Boat of Tao-Wu, Woman, and Taiya guy”, by Idas Losin.
Topics of natives. ” Formosan sambar deer & leopard”, by Aruwai Matilin.
Topics for natives. ” Formosan bear & Hodgson’s hawk-eagle”, by Aruwai Matilin.
Topics of natives. ” Formosan monkey & deer”, by Aruwai Matilin.

Art Taipei exhibition: Overseas painters

From the left” ” The End of the Blue Jacaranda”, ” Orange Grove Lineage”, ” The Space of Grace”, by Michelle Blade.
“Whitestone Gallery”, by Ronald Ventura.
” Yoakenoki”, by Manaka Sakamoto. Watercolor pencils and watercolor paint on Japanese paper.
” This is the secret with god”, by Chihiro Nagashima. Acrylic on paper.
From Bhutan, by Asha Kama

Signed 7 MOUs with Slovakia

The trade delegation of Taiwan has arrived in Slovakia on Oct. 21 for the cooperation on semi-conductors, smart cities, electric vehicles, space development, tourism and science parks. There are 60 Slovakian companies would like to cooperate with Taiwanese corporations with almost 160 times of physical contact and online consultation. Looking forward to the ties with Slovakia.

Thanks for all the people from different countries who would like to cooperate with us in so many aspects of fields, your contributions to Taiwan make us improve and become a better country in the future. Please enjoy your time and experience our cultures while you are in Taiwan!

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