Popular Taiwanese songs in 2021

The Oysters Love Noodles is one of the episodes from TV drama, The Making of an Ordinary Woman, which depicts two different characters of couples are meant to be together despite their different natures, just like oysters that live in the sea whereas noodles need to be air-dried under the sun. The TV drama is all about a 40 year-old-woman who was born in another city but moved to Taipei to work and live for the rest of her life. Being a middle age woman in modern society, she needs to overcome many obstacles from her own family, workplace and relationship with her boyfriend while being judged by others in the meanwhile. The TV drama was originally from the prose, but now it is available on Netflix for two series.

The episode for the TV drama.
The episode for TV drama II.

Nine one one is one of the group singers who promotes this new song with combination of different local cultures in Taiwan. The mountain and background are in Taitung, the city located in the east coast of Taiwan, where natives live for generations. This song combines Mandarin, Taiwanese Holo, and Paiwan language to show the integration and diversified cultures on our island.

The first and last lyric were quoted from classic Chinese art of war” The supreme art of war is to subdue enemy without fighting”, but we stick out our chests to oppose them this time.

Let’s enjoy the songs ~~

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