Message of support from Enes Kanter

Enes Kanter, one of NBA players in the States, sent his message for supporting Taiwan with emphasis on democracy, freedom and human rights. Even the president of Taiwan replied to him with courtesy, this is probably the first time for me to hear somebody who calls us Taiwanese, which makes me surprise and keep believing ourselves.

It is hard to believe that such statement may make people into trouble if you are not the celebrity, the truth is Taiwan was never part of China, but the whole world seems to let China speak and do whatever the government wants. In my opinion, any celebrity who supports Taiwan will be popular here with reponse from our president; though it is not a bad thing, and the decent response to people who support us is an appropriate behavior. The media in Taiwan should not overreact to such thing with sensational caption like “The man who dares to fight against China or 1.4 billion people.” Sounds like people who fight back China will be punished severely even without any help from our own people. If no body wants to fight back China, the help from overseas is in vain.

Enes Kanter is a real human right fighter and democracy supporter, we should all stand together with other democratic countries and decide our near future. Many Taiwanese lost their lives before, so we should not let our island to be controlled by China this time; otherwise, more people will die.

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