The overall ratings for living in Taiwan

Taiwan is the island where people can enjoy gourmet foods without spending too much money, just like other Asian countries, we provide similiar staple such as rice, noodls, and meats. If you have limited budget, you don’y have to worry about, because it is not difficult for tourists to find snacks. For locals, night market is the place where people hang out with their family and friends. Also, night market is recommended for night owls who work and sleep late. Many local stations are conjuncted with restaurants for visitors to take break, which may be the better option for first time traveller rather than night market.

Foods: Five-star rating

Formosa Chang

Formosa Chang is one of local restaurants in Taipei and famous for its deep stewed pork rice. Side dishes may differ depend on restaurants and seasons. Soups and desserts are delicious too, though in Southern cities, it is difficult to find Formosa Chang, most food makers there provide their style of stewed pork rice.

Formosa Chang, Taipei main station.

Cat there restaurant

Cat there is the place where we eat pasta, soups and salads with lots of cats surround you, they may jump on your table or eat your food by accident. If you would like to adopt cats, you can join their Facebook page and leave the message. Cah only for this restaurant.

Education: Three-star rating

Chinese Mandarin is the only official language now whereas other local languages are barely spoken. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO, once mentioned that local Taiwanese languages are dying, especially nowadays young adults cannot speak their native languages flueintly, how is it possible for them to teach the next generation?

Although the current government passed the language law and admitted that local languages such as Hakka, and indigenous languages are all included as our national language, I could barely hear any of these “dialects” in the public. Most local families speak Hoklo language, commonly known as Taiwanese, but other minorities were not content with this title especially those who support KMT Chinese party, from their perspective of views, their languages should be named as Taiwanese too.

The local education here taought us how to speak Chinese and we should be a real Chinese when KMT Chinese party landed on our island. Now younger generations have learned some local languages, local cultures but the effect is not quite good. Compared to learing Taiwanese languages, some parents prefer leaning English, and believing that their childs would be outstanding if they start to learn Englsih A.S.A.P.

The education environment now is improved a lot but students still have to learn Chinese because it’s the official language, which becomes the burden for those who are acquiring their native languages and students end up spending too much time on languages. If students want to learn subjects by their native languages, it is almost impossible due to insufficient teachers and language ability.

Traffic accidents: Two-star rating

The local accidents happen a lot because some of drivers do not follow the rules here. One of foreign Youtubers from Japan has experienced the accident yesterday in Kaohsiung city and shared her story with us. Some of my Taiwanese acquaintances who work in Taichung suburban area, were hitted by cars from the alley. Decades ago, some people created false accidents in order to claim the money from insurance company.

National security: One-star rating

Most soldiers and armies here are controlled by KMT Chinese party, so even the president belongs to Taiwanese party, she still needs to select the minister who is traced back to Chinese party. I have heard so many local guys who complained about joining the army for obligation, due to the reason that they are afraid of being bullied by the KMT senior soldier. At the first time, I thought they were stunned by the CCP. One of the notorious cases is Hung Chung-Chiu who died in the army because of torturing, and his sister became the legislator after few years of his death. Though current term requires guys to join the army for few months only, the escation of tensions between Taiwan Strait may need more professional soldiers to protect our country.

Nonetheless, some retired soldiers who went to China for being lectured by the CCP and most of them belong to KMT Chinese party now or related with Chinese. The most widespread known by the media and people is Wu Sz Huai, who is still legislator at the government. Few days ago, the press released the news that National Tsing Hua University in Hsinchu city is infiltrated by the CCP through the alumni organization. Basically an office without legal effect, ironically the University prentended to be dumb. Only the Liberty Times cares about this issye, whereas China Post argues that the government should not interfere with the education; just like the U.S, most schools are full of Chinese now.

The current survey from the government showed that new immigrants are 650,000 in Taiwan, but most of them are from China, based on previous data. Still, our government told us that everyone is equal and we are all “Taiwanese”.

The whole environment for foreigners

If you are a visitor who wants to go shopping, mountain climbing, or sightseeing, you don’t have to worry about some serious issues. Foods, hotels, public security are all quite good; but if you want to stay longer, you may need to adjust to some local habits. I told people some dark sides of Taiwan, but still some places are full of fun. So, enjoy!

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  1. talus more says:

    Do you know any easily accessible resources to leaning Indigenous Taiwanese languages?


    1. Middager says:

      I think that you can find some interesting books on this website, and they can deliver to your address.

      There are 16 different kinds of indigenous languages, A-mei, is probably the biggest group.


      1. talus more says:

        This is quite amazing, I really appreciate the links!


    2. Middager says:

      This is the official website for indigenous peoples, you can take a look and know more about local cultures. Thanks for your interests.


  2. talus more says:

    Thank you for an informative and interesting post! I love cats but don’t think I can handle one trying to fight me for my cafe food 😆


    1. Middager says:

      Don’t worry, there are plenty of cafes here worth trying. 😀


  3. I had to laugh when you said some of the drivers do not follow the rules! There are days when I think “No one follows them here in America”


    1. Middager says:

      Really?! Looks like Taiwanese live like American.


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