Congrats to Taiwanese athletes

The Taiwanese female badminton player, Tai Tzu Ying, was nominated to be the best female player of 2020/2021 by BWF. Also, Lee Yang and Wang Chi Lin were named as the most improved player of the year. Lee Yang and Wang Chi Lin bacame famous after winning gold medal at Tokyo Olympic Game with heroic welcome by lots of Taiwanese, especially they defeated the opponents from China by the last crucial point. This is the first time that Taiwanese athletes were named by the BWF, it is honoured for both the players and its nation.

From 18:36, people can see Tai Tzu Ying

Another athlete, Yang Yung Wei, who finally won the gold medal to reach the top in the world judo tournament, defeating Russian opponent by last 16 seconds in Abu Dhabi.

From 1:02:19 to see Yang Yung Wei

After Tokyo Olympic Game, people seem to forget these tournaments with less concern, even though we watched sports news from different channels or read newspapers; the spirits and enthusiasm on sports should be continued so as to support our players. For all of those players who won the gold medal and nominations, congratulation!

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