Academic background matters above all else

It is hard to deny that people in Taiwan still pay much attention to one’s academic backgrounds, though the government provides many different ways of recruiting students for universities, it is difficult for elders to change their minds that traditional standards are more paramount. The academic background not only changes people’s social status, but also affects the way that others treat you especially in Chinese society. Also, other Asian countries force students to focus fully on academic performance without emphasizing the ethics, mental health, or arts. Some people even deem the arts schools as the place for academic failure or delinquency. Even until now, some people judge others by their academic backgrounds or find their spouse by the academic performance.

The president Tsai’s doctorate degree

The issue or the discussion of the degree for the current president, Tsai, is never ended. To me, the good president is defined by her leadership, managing ability, and decision making. Even though the different side of political supporters should not keep debating about this issue, not to mention that the government has already shown the proof of the degree. The London School of Economics and Political Science had reveiced many calls, emails or other forms of contacts to check whether the school record is existed, in order to scout at her or release the negative news about dishonesty of president.

The scandal of pop singer, Lee- Hom Wang

The outburst scandal of pop singer, Lee-Hom Wang, is both famous in China and Taiwan. His ex-wife released about 5,000 words to tell the public that how selfish, pretentious, and promiscuous he is. The image of Wang was crashed in a sudden, and he came back to Taiwan soon after the news was released with all of his endorsements for Chinese companies were canceled. The point is, some people still focus on his academic backgrounds, the master degrees, honorary doctorate titles, and his family members all have prominent academic backgrounds from different universities. When they got married, it was like Cinderella and it was quite popular among Chinese fans, with master degree of Columbia University from his ex-wife, though some Chinese argue its authenticity now. Many people think that he is merely a scumbag and eager to disconnect with him especially those singers who have businesses in China.

The society should make a change

I think that all the society should change their attitudes toward academic performance, not just the government, because there are other things matter too. What if students cheat? Does it mean that we only have to graduate from the top ranking university even though somebody cheats? If we prioritize the academic background, we lose our minds to judge a normal man whether he is easygoing, friendly, or considerate to others. I am sure that a kind man is more welcome at anyplace even though he holds less popular degree. It is true that the prominent degree makes people get into higher position in this society, but the characteristics of a man sometimes outweigh the ability because we are humans, we need care and love( not the harassment) from somebody else.

Xinwuri station.

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  1. talus more says:

    So true, I have a relative who’s a retired surgeon and when the whole extended family went into a restaurant once, she received the warmest welcome from the restaurant boss. I think this sort of attitude will pass down the generations unless parents reject forcing this on their children. This would be hard if academic success is social currency. Parents would be afraid their kids get left behind if they aren’t pushed.


    1. Middager says:

      Wow, where were they? Actually some parents do not force their kids to succeed in academic performance only, they may encourage them to do something else if their kids have such talent. But still some parents are crazy about academic success.


      1. talus more says:

        My relative was an ophthalmologist in Kaohsiung 😊

        I guess I can also see the parental push happening in extra-curricular things which are considered prestigious outside the “usual” homework (concert violinists and pianists come to mind).

        The stereotype about ambitious Asian parents is very well known outside of Asia!


      2. Middager says:

        In my opinion, Asian immigrants should give up their stereotypes, since they had already rooted in other countries, it’s better to mix with locals rather than being a half Asian.


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