Merry Christmas

Today is freezing in Taiwan on Christmas day. Lots of young people flocked together at department stores for choosing their presents especially today is weekend. Restaurants were full of customers, and the food court was barely passed by because of its convenience and gourmet foods which attracted people who shopped at the department store. Christmas trees were big with lots of decorations, if those trees were real, it would be much better. At least, people can see different trees each year.

The arts exhibition at the Taipei World Trade Center, was held by the Ministry of Culture and other organizations such as community college, arts society, and Taiwan Power company as one of the sponsors. People can either go to the arts exhibition or vegetarian foods exhibition for tasting and buying meals. I think two different kinds of shows should be together, particularly foods. But most paintings here were created by local artists, few were foreign painters.

The average price was around USD 3,000 this time, which made me withdraw cash from ATM if I would have liked to purchase the bigger painting. Luckliy, I found the Mobile Art which is affordable and portable for me. I like it a lot. The artist is very creative with insistence on no photos for viewers, unless we pay his painting.

December was never warm even in Taiwan, but I hope everyone can keep warm and have a cup of hot chocolate or tea. Christmas reminds me of another new year with resolution to make. Wherever you are, I wish this holiday season will be delightful to you.

The orchid painting

Merry Christmas ! Enjoy the holiday and the clip below.

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