Overseas Taiwanese foods

For overseas foodies, Taiwanese cuisines are barely found, or they are part of Chinese food culture on the menu at many Chinese restaurants or China town. This is universal in Japan too, lots of Taiwanese restaurants are owned by Chinese; for locals who have never been to Taiwan, is difficult to try the authentic flavor or Taiwanese style gourmet foods. The only difference in Japan is that they change the name of cuisines, from Chinese to Taiwanese. Photos and info that I share, are some restaurants that I have tried, and felt average good for others to enjoy. I hope more and more people would taste Taiwanese flavor and feel comfortable for eating or enjoying the environment when they dine with friends or alone.

Taiwan vermicelli with thick soup

This is private owned restaurant located in Tokyo district, with subway closeby to commute. Some office workers would stay here for their lunches. Beers are popular here. Bento are provided, I guess. Foods here are yummy, and the stinky tofu are popular with either fried or steamed options, which is hard to find in Japan or other Western countries.


Taiwanese thin noodles & stinky tofu restaurant
Rice with stewed pork (left), steamed stinky tofu, and thin noodles with thick soup (right)

Tea house

This tea house is mixed with Taiwanese and Chinese style with its convenience around Ikebukuro area in Tokyo. The space is limited inside the restaurant, so if you want to try, please check the availability or call the restaurant in the first hand.

Sweet Tofu pudding shop

This restaurant is famous for its tofu pudding desserts in Takadanobaba area of Tokyo. They provide some Taiwanese breakfasts, pork rice, and dried noodles.

Raddish cakes (left), tofu pudding dessert, and minced prok noodles
Tofu pudding dessert( left), and stewed pork rice

Meet Fresh

Meet Fresh is one of the popular dessert restaurants in Taiwan. They provide shaved ice, tofu pudding, and traditional dink such as lemon & melon juice.

Chun Shui Tang

Chun Shui Tang is the origin of bubble milk tea in Taiwan, though there are two version stories of bubble tea houses for debating the invention, one in Taichung, the other in Tainan; no matter what people have said and believed, it is difficult to deny its origin was from Taiwan.

Also, lots of tea options are here on the menu.

Ding Tai Fung

Ding Tai Fung is expanded around the globe for its Chinese foods with Taiwanese spices and the way of cooking. Though some foreigners are favor of its steamed dumplings, fried rice and noodles are tasty as well.

Fried rice

Convenience store & Supermarket

If you don’t feel like visiting the Taiwan vermicelli restaurant by subway, convenience stores can help you save your time and money. Lawson is one of the Japanese convenience stores, with lots of cup noodles in exotic style.

This tofu pudding dessert is interesting, with Japanese food ingredients to make Taiwan dessert inside the tiny container, which is available at the supermarket.

Lemon Aiyu Jelly

It tastes good with lemon juice at the cafe near the temple of Naritasan Fukagawafudoudou, though in Taiwan, people taste with shaved ice or sweet soups, this way of tasting makes me surprise and satisfy.

Not sure if this was from Taiwan, but I tried this mango slush at the fruits shop, which is convenient and tasty with cream on the top.

Mango slush

TP Tea

TP Tea house is popular in Taiwan with its parent company of Chun Shui Tang. Usually, we do not eat at TP Tea because there is no restaurant by this shop, but in Japan, customers can relax and try different foods there, which is amazing and maybe better than the Chun Shui Tang in Tokyo.

TP Tea house

Hope you guys enjoy this post and want to try Taiwanese foods around your areas. I hope more people would like to enjoy Taiwan foods in their national cooking ways.

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