Places to find tranquility in Taipei

Nishi Honganji Square

Nishi Honganji Square is one of the tourist attractions now with public transportation nearby, it takes few minutes to walk from the Ximen station. Just turn few blocks from the downtown, and you will find this tiny space. If you feel tired after long hours of shopping or reading at the library, this is the place for you to relax.

If you were at the park, take few steps to see the bell and try to strike it. Some kids would love to try with their family members, especially when the sound of bell could attract people’s attention. Few benches are provided for people to sit down and stay for long time. Also, there is a tiny library for the public to research with security guards to safeguard all the data and physical books.

Restaurant is here to serve people. In Taipei, the access to restaurant is super convenient. It is quite amazing to have a cup of tea with adjacent park area, but it would be better if we could stay at the open space while chatting and enjoying our snacks with serene environment.

Sanli Park

Sanli Park is at the foot of Elephant Mountain or Si-Shou Mountain. Lots of people pass by to climb the mountain in order to see the view of Taipei city during weekends. On sunny day, you could enjoy the sunshine weather and inhale the air with Phytoncide from plants, which makes people calm down and release pressure after long week of working. There are two drink stalls nearby for people to buy ice pops or water, so people can take it with them after they are at the top of mountain. Don’t forget to try ice pops there when you have a chance.

Hope there are more tranquil places for the public in Taipei and other cities, with well management and organized paths for citizens to enjoy the way of life.

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