Happy Taiwan Year with long weekend holidays

Jan.31 is the Lunar New Year’s Eve in 2022, and we have 9 consecutive holidays from last weekend. Traditional Lunar New Years were celebrated with fewer choices on our menu, but mainly local ingredients with homemade recepies from older generations. Nowadays, people go out for fun or plan to travel abroad before the Covid-19 outbreak. Sometimes, I wonder if the government amends our public holidays, what would happen? I guess lots of Chinese culture supporters or immigrants will fight against the government with protests and cause traffic congestion for about a week or a month. And I am not joking because we had similar situation after the Chinese campaign lost their election decade ago. Even though Lunar calender was not invented by Chinese, people don’t care now and take it for granted that it is Chinese holiday.

But I hope that I am wrong this time. Because I want to see the change, either from our government or the society. Many countries in the world celebrate the New Year by Gregorian calendar without following the Lunar one. Despite the fact that we don’t mind having long weekend holidays, the government could adjust our vacations according to meaningful events.

French dessert

French strawberry & cranberry tart

Homemade foods

Every house has their own cuisines with special taste. Normally, we place the most giant food at the center and surround it by the circle. It doesn’t matter what kind of foods that people eat. For me, I like radish salty cakes with hopes for bringing good luck for the rest of year.

Homemade cuisines

Steak house in Taipei

Taiwan Sushi

To tell the truth, sushi are not our traditional foods. But this kind of sushi was created by locals with meat floss, cucumber, crabs and mayonnaise.

Taiwan Sushi

Sunny weather in Kaohsiung city

Historical building in Tainan city

Night market’s foods

Photo credit. Traditional hamburger, down; tapioka milk tea, right; braised pork rice, left; cucumber, top.

Taiwan Air

I really hope that there is Taiwan airlines in the future, not like this one, which is affiliated with China Airlines. It is said that the China Airlines is a state-run company, even Taiwanese vice president visited other countries, they had to choose China Airlines.

Taiwan Air, but is affiliated with China Airlines

Specialized flag

Imagined Taiwanese flag based on previous designs.

Specialized calendar

Specialized Taiwanese calendar based on local events or incidents, not current public holidays of Republic of China in Taiwan

Wish everyone has a great Groundhog holiday without any storm, and arrive home safely. God bless you.

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