Make traditional visit to Dihua street:Tuā-tiū-tiânn (Taiwanese)

Today is the last day of our long weekend, but the weather is sunny which is good for visiting the traditional street for praying at the temple, eating outside, relaxing and preparing for the work tomorrow. Though some people still worked shifts during holidays, tomorrow is the official day for returning to work.

The new Omicron has scared some people, so few visitors are on the streets this year for celebrating traditions. In order to discover some interesting things and support our local businesses, I went out like usual. Except the Dihua street, I visited the Ningxia night market for my dinner to see if everything is alright. It’s great to see many food stalls are still there, but I cannot buy all the foods. Wish them good luck with more customers to support them.

Dihua street/Tuā-tiū-tiânn

Anthology of Japanese Pop Music

It’s surprising for me to see the busker on the Dihua street, and he can sing songs in Japanese, Chinese and English. 夕焼けの歌(Yuuyake no uta) is my favorite song. It means the song of sunset, with lots of cover songs after its debut. Apparently, the original version is still the best.

Performer: Bob Dylan

Enjoy the weekend or this song, whether its Lunar New Year or the normal day off in your country.

The song of sunset with English subtitles

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