Happy Valentine’s Day

May all singles find their true love and people who are in love will have long-term relationships. On Valentine’s Day, it is classic and old-fashioned to watch films, but “The Huntsman: Winter’s war (2016)” is still recommended for couples. Despite the overall plot is based on the fairy tale of Snow White and The Snow Queen with different versions, it tells people that love conquers all. Besides, visual effects and the cast are impressive to audiences which is my favorite part of this movie. Many locals here dream about having snow for which it represents the romance and beautiful scenery.

Some people believe the Cupid could help, so they go to temples for praying good luck. I think the Cupid is in the air, so if you wish to have a romance, turn your head up and ask for help. I am not sure this works, but we believe that Gods help those who are honest and simple.

So, have some desserts on this special day, and may all your wishes come true. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Sweet taro balls and potato balls are served as desserts for soybean pudding.

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