Taiwanese Movie Review: I, Myself (Nā-sī tsi̍t-ê lâng)

Ka-îng was the girl who avoided to be alone, and she used to date with Tāi-hō, a guy who was attracted to her from the bottom of heart. One day, Tāi-hō decided to break up with her and went to Shanghai for his job. After ending the relationship, Ka-îng started to learn how to do everything by herself. Though it was painful in the beginning, Ka-îng met her potential boy friend, Tsì-bîng, a guy who lost contact with his mother and lived with his uncle and cousins since his mother abandoned him. Unlike Ka-îng, Tsì-bîng does everything by himself and he is always alone. So he can teach Ka-îng and console her when she encounters problems.

Netflix: Season 1, Episode 1. Ka-îng/Jia-ying

One day, Ka-îng needed to go to the hospital for her surgery and she met Tsì-bîng’s mother by accident. After that, Tsì-bîng started to contact his mother because of the encouragement from Ka-îng. Luckily, he found the true reason why his mother left him when he was a child, though she became ill and was hospitalized.

Netflix: Season 1, Episode 10. Tsì-bîng/Zhi-ming
From the left, Kenji, Tāi-hō (Ka-îng’s ex-boyfriend), and Phok-é/ Bo-zai

Another key man, Phok-é, the guy who always helps Ka-îng, and he has fallen in love with her for few years without letting any friend to know this true. Though Ka-îng treats him like one of her friends, and turned him down once, they are still friends.

Finally, Ka-îng quit her job after so many years of struggling for either the relationship or life problems; she visited Japan for unknown future. Surprisingly, Tsì-bîng went to Japan to see her, the guy who was always alone without believing in love.

Facts about I, Myself (Nā-sī tsi̍t-ê lâng)

I, Myself was officially on the TV show in 2020 with 99% of Taiwanese language rather than Mandarin Chinese. This film was barely new with younger generation to perform, and the whole plot is centralized the issue of being alone that most modern people need to face it. Unfortunately, the subtitles is provided with Mandarin only. It would be great if they can find experts to help with Taiwanese translation for English subtitles.

How I feel

I deeply enjoy these series. They hired young people and taught them how to pronounce difficult Taiwanese, and the way they acted in this film was different than any other Mandarin dramas. I can fully immerse into the film without turning on subtitles, and the whole thing is new to us rather than old-fashioned plot like previous Taiwanese dramas, which proves that we can produce episodes in Taiwanese with certain quality. Not sure if all actors are Taiwanese, at least the whole movie is in Taiwanese, which matters more to me. If all actors can speak correct and beautiful Taiwanese language, it would be much better.

Netflix: Season 1, Episode 10. The end.

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  1. I do watch Tiawanese dramas and movies. Some of my favourite dramas are Iron Ladies, Meet Me@1006, V-Focus and the Pursuit of Happiness.


    1. Middager says:

      Wow, what do you feel about Taiwanese movies? Unfortunately, few movies are produced in Taiwanese language, and that’s why I like “ I, Myself”.


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