Stand with Ukraine

February 28 is the day that we memorize the tragedy happened 75 years ago, but this year, things are different especially Ukraine is still negotiating with the Russian government. We know how it feels to be invaded by other countries; in the meanwhile, many western experts speculated that China might make a big move and invade Taiwan when they see what is happening in Ukraine now. Though our government follows the lead of most countries in the world to impose sanctions toward Russia, and some military experts responded that Taiwan and Ukraine are radically different in some points, Taiwanese do not have to worry that much.

Feb. 28 Memorial Park

The Feb. 28 massacre had killed tens of thousands of Taiwanese when the Chinese Nationalist Party, KMT, landed our island with their army and set up their authority, even until now, it is controversial to discuss some serious topics related with Feb. 28 or Taiwanese identity. In each city and some universities, Feb.28 memorial monuments are there to memorize those deceased lives that once fought against the brutal government( KMT party by that time) for either justice or freedom. Our current government( Democratic Progressive Party, DPP) is trying to disclose the old documents, so innocent citizens can be seen and cases could be solved.

Feb.28 memorial monument
228 Peace Memorial Park

Tang Te-chang/ Thng Tik-tsiong/Tokusho Sakai Memorial Park

Tang Te-chang is an amazing hero. He sacrificed himself for thousands of locals in Tainan, such courage is still rare in nowadays society, which makes him very unique without a doubt. If he knows that people now call his name in Chinese rather than Taiwanese, he must be very sad and hopeless. Each monument memorized for Feb. 28 took a long process at the government sector, so this proves that the government here now is still not Taiwanese, at least not fully organized or reorganized by either laws or politicians that support Taiwanese independence/ideology.

Tokusho Sakai (Tang Te-chang)
Tang Te-chang Memorial Park

Catholic church

Thanks the Catholic church for giving their hands to Taiwan and supports us for generations. As a foreigner, it must be a challenging to adapt to local environments, but they were not afraid of and they are still in Taiwan to help those who are needed.

Catholic church created and supported by Beunen foundation

Taiwan is beautiful, but locals always suffer. We have Sun Yet-sen memorial park & National Palace Museum for people to know how great the once Chinese democratic revolution leader was, and every citizen in Taipei must visit the museum to learn traditional Chinese culture; whereas we have Feb. 28 peace parks to memorize locals that lost lives. It is truly difficult to define who are Taiwanese and who are not. But it is easy, as long as we all have agreement on Taiwanese identity. Except from that, the Chinese Communist Party never gives up invading Taiwan. So, we must unite.

In ancient days, our people killed each other with skirmishes all the time, even now, we are struggling to survive with Taiwanese identity. Now we finally have more peaceful lives, so cherish Taiwan and be with Ukraine.

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  1. Thank you for your insightful post. We do cherish Taiwan and proudly stand with Ukraine.


    1. Middager says:

      It’s my pleasure. Let’s stand together.


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