Happy Women’s Day, Hū-jîn-tseh khuài-lo̍k (Taiwanese)

March 8 is the International Women’s Day for all female friends in the world to celebrate this joyful holiday, in our country, women can work, receive education, and even join politics. Our president, Tsai Ing-wen is the first female president in our history with higher education background and overseas studying experiences. Taiwanese women seem to enjoy freedom and rights that men possess. Though Women’s Day is not officially celebrated, most businessmen are trying to catch this moment to attract more customers either online or in real stores. Just like Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day is the time that people can celebrate and go shopping with discounts. In my opinion, guys here treat women like normal, but some Asian girls said that Taiwanese guys are more mild and friendly than people in their own countries. Well, after traveling to the West and Japan, and meeting with new people from different backgrounds, I think some guys here respect women more than in Japan, but less than in the West. In general, Taiwanese tend to be nicer to foreigners with mild and curious attitudes, maybe this is our nature. Friendliness is in our blood.

Traditionally, women worked hard to please their family members, either husband or father. The whole society had different views upon women, many women did not complete the basic education and they worked at factories to support the whole Taiwanese economy. Back to that time, even guys did not receive higher education. Women were expected to produce heirs only, and son was the first priority. Even now, some traditional families still have higher hopes for their sons. But thanks to the reform for women’s rights, now women can do almost everything like men in Taiwan.

Taiwanese president
Taiwanese female president. Tsai Ing-wen. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Married women in Taiwan can choose not to take husband’s last name, and maintain their job titles after pregnancy. After watching news of the Russian invasion in Ukraine, killing and raping Ukrainian women, which makes people heart broken with hopes that the war could be over soon especially on Women’s Day. We believe that men and women should be equal, despite the fact that Taiwanese women enjoy freedom of expressing feelings, speech and being relationship with their loved ones; some women are still under emotional trauma from either family or social status. Even though our government and society are willing to offer hands to those who are afraid, traumatized or helpless, some systems need to be amended or improved as soon as possible.

On this special day, I wish all women in the world could enjoy their identity as a woman, and hope that women who suffer in their countries could end up deciding their own fate and reviving from depression.

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