What we learn from Ukraine

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, almost each television station broadcasts news about the war each day, making people unsure of our future with gas prices soared, food shortage, and disinformation to distract us from the focus in the same time.

Democratic allies vs. Authoritarian regimes

In order to show our support, our government encourages our people to donate money, goods and materials to Ukraine. With help from hundreds of volunteers, emergency supplies have been shipped, hoping this could ease pain from patients and save more wounded Ukrainians. It reminds of Taiwanese that we need to be with Ukraine, because the freedom and democracy are the values that we want to keep. Even though Ukraine and China were in business ties long ago, we still believe the current Ukrainian government is the democratic side with the rest of world. Therefore, donations come from different life of folks here, as a Taiwanese, we think it is the time that we do our jobs as part of global citizens.


We saw lots of soldiers and civilians died because of war, but Ukrainians still do not surrender and many Ukrainians support their president despite of casualties. This kind of spirit is what we lack here, unlike some money diggers who choose to be with the authoritarian regime, while giving up their dignity and identity, and harming Taiwanese to show their loyalty to China.

We have the army and defense system, but some generals and politicians with Chinese background, become their voices and want to silence Taiwanese with lots of negative irritations and slogans to weaken our morale. We are friendly country and we accept people from different backgrounds, but it does not mean that such leaders should be in place of our government. Taiwanese should unite and remove those who ally with authoritarian regimes.

Companies not pulling back from Russian market

Should we boycott those companies that are still in Russia? This kind of question reminds of locals that we have encountered such repression several times, except it is China not Russia. Since we were kids, elders always taught us that Chinese Communists Party target us and may attack us. People from Taiwan can do businesses in China, however, many of them collude with the Chinese government, demonizing Taiwanese government whether in social media, the public, or private lives. Should Taiwanese boycott those public figures and tycoons who are spreading the will of China? If yes, then how? Will we forget someday in the future?


Taiwan is probably the center of disinformation. We receive fake news through Line accounts, Facebook, Instagram and other online news outlets. People tend to digest these things naturally without checking facts afterwards. During the war in Ukraine, such things happen a lot, particularly news from Russia.


We need peace and love. War causes refugees. Democracy may not be perfect and fragile, but it is still the best practical way of life. Be confident of your own country, even the small country could fight against the mighty army. So, love what you have and cherish each moment even when you are exiled.

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