The budget hotel near Taipei Main Station

For visitors or business travelers, capsule hotel or youth hostel seems like a good option if you don’t want to spend too much money on your lodging places. Capsule hotel maybe a little bit inconvenient for international travelers to stay whole weeks, so find some budget hotels online through Expedia or Agoda is quick and possible means for most people. Perhaps Taiwanese have tendency to find everything with fair quality and low cost in the same time, so I would like to introduce this budget hotel for travelers from other cities.

Taipei M Hotel-Main Station

The reasons for me to stay at this hotel were because the price, and the location. It costs about $50-60, if you book online, you can receive some discounts for 1 bedroom. It is suitable for one single adult, and it feels like a motel, but it’s fine if you don’t have a car here. TV set is available with different channels from English news to local movies; Sofa is comfortable, and the shoe cabinet is perfect for a single. Besides, there is a coffer next to the shoe cabinet, which is convenient for people to put their money, or other priceless accessories, but does not appear in this photo.

The entrance

The hotel provides 2 tea bags and bottled water, in case people may feel thirsty. Also, the electric kettle is available for people to boil water within 3 minutes.

Tea bags and bottled water

The airy bathroom was quite clean with organized towels. Toothbrushes and the toothpaste are provided; hair drier is compatible with the wall without occupying too much space. Shower gel and shampoo are handy that visitors can use them while taking the shower.

The bathroom

If you would like to stay in Taipei with few days, this kind of budget hotel maybe a good start. You may enjoy your meals outside the hotel; but for first-time travelers, it is not challenging at all. There are convenient stores around the corner, and mom & pop store is open until the lunch time. Visitors can still dine in the hotel; the gym is open for everyone to work out after too much calories has been consumed. You can also do your laundry after the exercise. So, choose your plan wisely. And don’t forget to bring your passport and the ID card.

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