Happy Fools’ Day


April 1 is the annual day for pulling pranks on friends and family, and it is also our National Foundation Day. Since 1540, the Kingdom of Middag was built by the great chieftain, Kamachat Aslamie, the Sun King of Taiwan. He built the first kingdom in Taiwan around the Taichung area, and had ruled 27 tribes with the range from current Taoyuan to Changhua county. Kamachat had successfully kicked out Chinese army, Koxinga, in Tainan with the cooperation from Dutch East India company and locals, making some Chinese flee to China and surrender to the Ching dynasty or run away with Ponpoan, the successor of Koxinga, to Southeast Asia and starting their pirate lives there. The Kingdom of Middag was even more strong and dominant since then. Despite defeated by the foreign armies afterwards, his legacy remains.

If you think the Middag was short, the Kingdom of Tjuaquvuquvulj located in the Pingtung area will not fail you, since they have survived through different regimes. Even until now, we can find their ancestral tribes in South Taiwan. So, on this memorial day, I would like to celebrate with our people and friends around the globe. Happy Fools’ Day~ have a video game with 2 plus and watch Seqalu with us on Netflix.

Formosa 1867
Sun King. Photo credit.

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