The bread store that saved lives

The first time that I stepped into this bakery, the smell distracted me from their bread. Shuang Fu is like other traditional bread stores, selling doughnuts, chocolate pineapple buns, hot dog buns, and cakes from Taiwanese to Western styles. Unlike any other stores, the bakery owner once saved people, who were suffering from the persecution of the Chinese Nationalist Party, KMT, during the period of martial law.

The target family, once helped hide their relatives from the KMT, lost everything in a sudden and the breadwinner was included but left 7 children. The mother of 7 children was helpless; nobody dared to help. The owner of Shuang Fu bakery, packed some bread that were no longer fresh, and left in front of the store, so the target family could come and pick. The 7 children are all adults now, and the mother becomes grandmother. The story of Shung Fu passed down to their grandchildren, even though the owner by then is gone.

Shuang Fu Bakery
No. 150, Minsheng W. Rd., Datong Dist., Taipei City

Before I heard about this story, their bread amazed me and always reminded me of my childhood. It’s surprising for me to find mousse here, because there are few at other bakeries. If you like mousse, please come and try.

Mango, strawberry and coffee mousse

It’s touching to know the story behind this bakery. If you like Taiwanese bread, please support Shuang Fu, one of the historical stores in Taiwan that is enduring and tasty.

Enjoy your bread !

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