Taiwanese comedians/ YouTubers

Since the invention of Youtube, many young talents have started to market themselves though this platform. Among many interesting video clips, A-han is one of the popular figures in Taiwan. He likes acting, and he is good at mimicking; he could be Vietnamese, Japanese or Korean, one of the characters he created is Vietnamese woman whose name is Ruan, Yue-jiao.

The recent video clip that he released is based on the story of Jiutian Xuannu, the fairy of ninth heaven; it is said that the fairy could heal any sickness, kill demons, and cast strong spells. A-han played the role of fortunate teller, and acted as if the fairy was going to on his body. The address mentioned in the clip is actually a pawn shop; after release of this video, the pawn shop became famous and the owner sold out 100 packages of popcorn for people who visited his store.

The recent video clip from A-han

A-han is a good singer too, in his previous clips with the title of J-pop vs. K-pop, he sang and danced well.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Tsai, A-ga

Tsai A-ga is another celebrity in Taiwan with many local topics in his channel. One of the topics that I like is Taiwanese shrines during Japanese era. For some foreigners who are fond of Japanese relics are welcome to join us. Due to the political reason and the new government after the World War II, lots of relics by then were destroyed especially Japanese, whereas some Spanish or Dutch relics are kept and protected as tourist attractions now. The only traditional shrine kept well now is located in Taoyuan, with the combination of Chinese style and Japanese architectural structure. It would be better if we can see the complete relic, so Taiwanese do not have to visit Japan for the shrine, and we can discover what happened during the previous era which is good for archaeologists.

Series 1, Taiwanese shrines during Japanese era in Keelung, and New Taipei.
Series 2, Taiwanese shrines during Japanese era in Hualien .
Series 3, Taiwanese shrines during Japanese era in Chiayi
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Hope you guys enjoy these videos and feel free to leave comments to tell me who is your favorite YouTuber.

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