Happy Labor Day

Labor is the foundation stone in Taiwanese society, and they have put the effort into building our country, improving our economics, and connecting the world for us. Labor Day is the day that we appreciate their helps to the society. The government offers the new plan for small-scale companies to receive the health insurance for their workers and other beneficial plans. Many locals give up tiresome jobs, so some companies have to hire foreign workers; therefore, the government has to make laws to deal with the agency with its problems come afterward.

Taiwanese society has the inclination to pay higher salary to those who work as white-collar workers, which may apply to other countries, from my perspective. However, blue-collar workers sometimes play the same role in our society. They spend time on their work with the energy to do their best, so people and their bosses should show the same respect, just like how we treat people from higher education backgrounds.

The coveted society is not for workers who are all chasing the dream to graduate from the best university, but for those who can excel in their own jobs without expending much efforts on academic performance. Many people have been working years without really putting into practice what have been learned. This is meaningless, and wastes time and energy by forcing kids to schools despite each kid has right to education.

It is important to provide a better environment for workers, with not only health insurance but also dignity and the respect to their profession. Labors are humans, it is highly suggested that the safety of working environment should be conducted by each company, and the compensation of occupational injury should be mandatory to protect workers’ rights. After all, a better society comes from the effort of individual.

Therefore, on this day, I wish people enjoy their jobs regardless of their pay, social status, and hard work. Thank you for all of you.

Have a rest !
Enjoy a cup of tea

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  1. cheriewhite says:

    Wishing you and Taiwan a Happy Labor Day and every day! ❤️


    1. Middager says:

      Thank you so much ! 😊


      1. cheriewhite says:

        My pleasure! ❤️


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