Europe Festival

I really enjoy the Festival with so many booths from different countries, some of them provide their own foods and drinks to introduce their food cultures to Taiwanese. Thanks to the Ministry of Culture in Taiwan and ambassadors, we can play exotic games, listen western live songs and meet with different peoples from the world.

Czech Republic

Czech is a cool country. Their astonishing landscapes used to be the element in serial dramas, and we appreciate their willingness to support our democracy. Miloš Vystrčil, the head of a legislative body in Czech once visited Taiwan, and said that we are all Taiwanese, to show their strong will to be with Taiwan despite the threat from Chinese government.

The Czech Republic

I like the Czech beer, and the game is interesting which is not so difficult to challenge for me. Besides, the little boy there is cute. The Prague is famous and its mayor is friendly to cooperate with Taiwan, to help us expand our businesses and share our cultures to Europeans.

The Czech map


Non-alcoholic drinks taste great with so many flavors to choose from, the cashier is friendly and she tried her best to tell me their combo price.

Non-alcoholic drinks from Holland


Speaking of Greece, it often reminds me of olives, the Mediterranean salad, and the white blue pattern. Greece feels like a country where sun will never set. To be honest, I like olive oil and the Mediterranean salad that I tried at Turkish restaurant which is really good.

Cakes, soaps, and olive oil from Greece


German beers and wines are popular which are available with cheaper price. I like the wine which tastes sweet and goes well with pizza. Except foods, they also provide German language courses for locals to join, and the traveling brochure for us to find some interesting places to visit in the near future.

German and Austrian beers

Stand for Ukraine

I saw kids and adults were painting on the eggshells, not sure if that was part of Ukraine culture, but looked fun and interesting. The pattern of drip coffee bags were created by Ukraine kids, so if we buy the drip coffee, we show our support to them. I met with a Ukraine lady, who had stayed in Taiwan for few years. She can speak Chinese and English. I donated some money; don’t think it would be enough for them. But wish her all the best.

Stand for Ukraine

Live concert

One of the Europeans who came from Italy, have rooted here for years. His folk song is really inspiring and warming with Italian lyrics. Though it’s new to me, it must mean something to overseas Italians.

The Italian singer

The Festival won’t last long, but if locals can visit the Huashan 1914 creative park to show our support to them, and interact with them, it surely means a lot especially it’s a multinational environment. At least, Taiwanese can understand more about the European union and introduce ourselves to the world. Cheers to Taiwanese and Europeans !

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