The Chinese gunman targets Taiwanese community

The gunman who immigrated from China to Taiwan in 1949 with the Chinese Nationalist Party, KMT, and had stayed in Taiwan for decades before landing the U.S. Through Taiwanese media and online news, the gunman’s background is accessible; David Chou, who was even a professor in some Universities while he was in Taiwan. He is a one China policy supporter and truly believer. Many fellows like him, have done a lot of crazy things here especially during the election period, and join protests against the Democratic Progress Party if necessary.

David Chou went to the State for joining the overseas China’s Peaceful Unification Promotion Party, the party which is believed to be connected with the Chinese Communist Party, CCP, and has been receiving funds from Communist China for years. Though he left his child and wife in Taiwan, his current job makes him target Taiwanese community, even it takes him to travel from Las Vegas to Orange County just for killing. According to documents from the U.S. government, the number of Chinese working for CCP is 550.

The Dr. Cheng, who is Taiwanese American, was trying to stop the gunman and thus lost his life while saving others. Others were wounded and many are Taiwanese elders.

This is not rare to us, because people like David Chou are a lot here, it does not surprise me that he would do such thing. The only difference is that he triggered the gun this time.

The U.S. government should find some ways to stop overseas Chinese agents, so Taiwanese can have peaceful lives there without worrying the Chinese harassment, stalking, and monitoring. The U.S used to be a dream country for exiled Taiwanese and other dissidents, please don’t change that because of Communists influences. Taiwanese used to run away from the KMT, we don’t want to do it again for CCP.

Pray for the world peace. Amen.

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