Funny cats collection

Cats can be funny depends on your relationship with them. Thanks to some people who took photos of these moments created by certain interesting creatures. Let me share photos and the video of Youichi with you.

Kiss me, my darling

Not sure if these cats just copied from human beings. They just enjoyed the moment and ignored others, even other cats were witnessing.

Photo courtesy.

Drunken cat

Like people said, “curiosity killed the cat”. By the way, who mixed the wine inside these tiny cups? I must be thirsty. With these cups of wine and Gods behind me, life is like a heaven. Good night, Sleeping Cat.

Photo courtesy.

Hide & Seek

Do you wanna play hide and seek? I am very good at it, I am seriously not joking.

Spot me

Why does everyone love the ginger cat so much? Am I so ugly? I am just the black cat.

Don’t look

Are you looking at me now? Humph. Don’t bother me, I just woke up from my cat’s dream.

Get away video

Don’t ever think you can lay all your love on me, as long as you are with me all day long. Hanako !!

Youichi turned away like always.

Thank you for stopping by, I am glad to share these wonderful moments of cats with you.

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