Crazy Cat Festival

The Cat Festival is being held at Taipei Expo Park with cat salons, lectures, and food stalls for visitors to get help for their feline family during May 28 to May 31. If you take the MRT, please get off at Yuanshan station and go to the exit 1, you will see the direction to Taipei Expo Park. Go through the park along the market and the food gallery, there will be a pink sign with “Crazy Cat Festival”in the open space, and walk there. Should be a line for the ticket booth.

Inside the exhibition, there is an area with several cats for people to play with, but it takes time to wait for these royal cats because they need to take a break from strangers.

Giant doll cat

Though I do not appreciate this face, it does attract lots of tourists to take a selfie.

Cats area

Cats seem to be crazy about boxes, thanks to the help from staffs, each one of them has their own box to rest.

Hide & Seek

Egyptian cat

It is said that Egypt treated cats well long ago, the history of having cats as our family could be traced back to centuries ago. Cats were once the symbol of royalty.

Also in Japan, cats were only adopted by royal families based on its history. Now they become one of the popular pets for humans, and Japan is actually a friendly place for cats.

The entry gallery with cats painting

The art gallery

This art gallery is just next to the toy shop; it’s probably a good place for kids and adults to spend the weekend.

Girls’ paradise

For female friends who like to go shopping at affordable prices, this is the right place for them. Girls can buy jewels, accessories, and clothes.


The Three Lions Inn is British style, from foods to drinks; salads and pork ribs look very delicious to me. It’s a wonderful chance to dine at the bar area now, because of Covid. In addition, it’s my first time to see the Argentine restaurant and most of them are roasted foods according to the staff; maybe I should try it some time.

Farmer’s market

The market is an open space with clean aisles; fruits, vegetables, snacks are mostly local made. I like Taiwanese pineapples; they are sweet and sour, which are good for the summer time.

Be sure to visit this place when you are available in Taipei. Have a great time~Cat lovers.

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