Summer sweets & desserts around the world

People in Taiwan have a long weekend this week for the Dragon Boat Festival. After May, the weather is humid and hot, especially in July, the Taipei Basin makes me sweat with rains and thunderstorms all the time; whereas in Kaohsiung, I feel like a roasted Turkey that the scorching sun could tan me in just one day. Girls here hate to have suntan, maybe I should just go with the tide. People like to stay indoors, so cooling summer sweets were invented by smart Taiwanese. I am the fan of PaoPao ice, though the most famous dessert here is Mango shaved ice, the PaoPao ice has a similar taste, but not as cold as the shaved ice which is good for my teeth and the throat. In addition, the PaoPao ice is good for one person treat, I don’t have to share with others.

Facebook: 以利泡泡冰總店 Taiwan Yili PaoPao Ice

Mango Smoothie

Mangoes on the top really fascinate me a lot, the sweetness and the cream match so well that I could have another cup without a doubt, despite it’s super pricey. I like this tiny store in Tokyo, which sells fresh fruits and seasonal desserts. They do provide the mango smoothie which tastes a little bit different from Taiwanese mango shaved ice.

Mango Smoothie

Persimmon Ice Cream

This is my favorite Korean dessert by far. After enjoying traditional Korean foods while cutting noodles by myself, the Korean dessert totally surprises me; this persimmon ice cream tastes like cream ice with less fats and sugar, could be a good option for health concern people and young children. For the first time to try royal meals, this is a big surprise for me. I like the Korean cold water noodle with vinegar and ice, which tastes different from my home foods. This restaurant is located in Taichung Shin Kong Mitsukoshi department store, if you would like to try Korean foods, be sure to have persimmon ice cream.

Bake and Tea

This is one of the popular western desserts that I have ever tried in Tokyo. The French style of cakes and the ice cream surely cool me down in a sudden. Also, cakes go well with drinks. Strawberry tastes good, which happens to be my favorite fruit. It’s a good place for tea time lovers and strawberry fans.

Desserts are quite welcome in the world, people can stay at cafes or dessert shops to enjoy their tea time so as to escape from the summer. What is your favorite dessert? Please leave comments to share with people. Thanks for stopping by.

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