The Zombies show

The Zombies show is held at the Tainan Art Museum for locals to appreciate these artworks, starting from this weekend until Oct. 16. The title is Ghosts and Hells: The underworld in Asian art, originally came from France, musée du quai Branly – Jacques Chirac, Paris, in 2018 with Asian perspectives of unknown world. Despite some religious groups are against the show, most people regard this as an artistic activity or interesting trend to follow.

Photo credit: Tainan Art Museum

The worship of dead people

For most Taiwanese, we will burn ghost papers for all the deceased; this is part of the ritual at funerals for Taoists. Some people think that the hell is horrified with gods and ghosts, to bring us into another world, so we may need money to travel and these ghost papers are money for the dead. Nowadays, many religions are allowed in Taiwan with their own rituals; therefore, the ritual may differ upon families.

Ghost papers. Photo credit

Recommended movie: The 9th Precinct

The 9th Precinct is a police story based on the dead, the cops deal with living cases in the morning, but during nights, they handle unknown ghosts. I think this movie is good for people who want to understand more about Taoist rites and beliefs. Available in Netflix with English subtitles, please search ” The 9th precinct” and turn on English subtitles when you are watching. Hope you enjoy this movie.

Welcome to the hell~~

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