Team Taipei wins the ticket to join WilliamSport in 7 years

Students of Fu-lin elementary school is the representative team from Taiwan this year, after they downed New Zealand, Philippines, and other countries, they battered the hosting country in South Korea.

The pitcher, Yab-shu Liao, started the game with stable control within 6 innings , though once defeated 1-2 in the first inning, they edged the South Korea 1-0 in the final inning. Fortunately, they won the ticket to the 2022 Little League Baseball and will start to play in August. Among international teams, we are the representative team in Asia-Pacific region this year, which is a great honor for kids from Taiwan.

Students of Fu-lin elementary school. Photo courtesy of Fu-lin elementary school.

The vice president also took picture with them to show the support for these kids.

Center left, legislator Mark Ho, 何志偉; Center: The vice president, William Lai, 賴清德; Center right: Assembly member, Pei-ling Zhong, 鐘佩玲
Photo courtesy of legislator, Mark Ho, 何志偉

Taiwan is proud of them. Wish them good luck for the future games of LLB world series.

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