Mourn former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe

It was shocking to the world to hear such distressing news, especially in a country like Japan where guns are not easily accessible. Many country leaders send their condolences to Shinzo Abe’s family, also China will dispatch the delegation to Japan to show courtesy, despite some Chinese are celebrating the death of Shinzo Abe either by leaving comments online or giving discounts for shopping at certain store.

Shinzo Abe was a great prime minister ever, he not only had promoted the friendship between Taiwan and Japan, but had persuaded U.S. to change the way in dealing with matters in Asia-Pacific countries. His death is the loss to Taiwan, and the world. When China retaliated against us by prohibiting fish products, or fruits for the sake of politics, Japan was the first country that ordered from us. When Taiwan was in the shadow of surrendering to China during Yingjiu Ma’s term, the previous pro-Beijing president, Shinzo Abe was the first politician to encourage all Taiwanese. Thus, we should not forget his helpful deed.

The Taiwanese president announced that all official organizations will fly the flag at half-staff in order to show respect to Shinzo Abe, the most friendly Japanese prime minister, on July 11.

We blame the violence and certain groups who planned for this, if any. May him rest in peace. It must be so hard for all Japanese now. We will remember him forever. Shinzo Abe. 安倍晋三

The Lin department store. Photo courtesy.

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