Several ways to get through the heat wave

The current heat wave has swept the Britain and other European nations, boiling almost half continent with the new record of high temperature. Taiwan is like roasted potatoes, where the average temperature reaches 95 degrees Fahrenheit this week, making people flock together at drink shops for a cup of shaved ice or ice tea. We are living on the island where summer is humid and hot with thunderstorms at some regions, nonetheless, this heat wave has also scorched our lands in a couple of days. People are avoiding the high temperature, so they will not have sunburn; I would like to provide some helpful methods for more people to survive from this wave.

Change your schedule

You may change your body clock so as to adapt to this weather, people may feel difficult in the beginning, but after several times, you may not feel dizzy or sleepy. Things like waking up before the sun rises or going shopping after the sun sets, are helpful when you try to combat this unusual climate. If you need to go out during the lunch time, be sure to wear a hat or apply some UV lotion, and cover your body as much as possible with dark color clothes. So your clothing can absorb the heat without letting your skin expose under the sun.

Stay at cooler places

I would stay at places such as trees, or rooms with windows opened so the air could come in. Fans are our friends during summer times, though not as convenient as the air conditioner, these are surely environmental and economical friendly.

Most people would like to stay at air conditioner rooms with hours of electricity usages, this may result in temporary electricity shortage for few hours, forcing some shop owners to take a break for this reason. The air pollution may be worse by lots of chemical pollutants from air conditioner, creating unstable environment for us to live.

Try some ice

Ice cream or sandwiches seem unable to cool us down this time; try some ice so you can calm down in few seconds.

Left: Grass jelly. Right: Plum ice.
Traditional dessert store at Taichung 2nd market.

Eat spicy foods

You may have hot pizza or a dish of hot curry rice, so it could stimulate your appetite. After sweating, you may take a shower 🚿 and let the water air dry for few minutes, which makes your body even cooler.

Do something

Reading novels or watching TV shows can surely kill your time, especially during these few days. Try to focus on something that you are interested in, so you won’t feel the heat so badly.

To sum up

These are just some tips from my personal experience, you may try or ignore, but I hope we could get over with this extreme heat wave as soon as possible. Thanks for stopping by, wish to see you next time.

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