Nancy Pelosi’s visit

Before the U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi landed in Taiwan, more than thousands of people had been watching her airline route to see whether she would stop by Taiwan. Many groups gathered in front of Hotel Grand Hyatt Taipei, such as Pro-China unification groups , Taiwan Statebuilding Party, and other political organizations were all there for either protested or welcomed Nancy Pelosi. Fake news were widely spread to confuse Americans that Taiwan did not welcome her visit. The truth is many Taiwanese were expecting her to our nation, and politicians from across the Legislative Yuan showed our warm welcome, despite China plans to have aircraft drills around Taiwan in the next few days.

Photo courtesy of Potter King. 波特王好帥
Photo courtesy of legislator Luā Phín-û 賴品妤

Human rights support

Nancy Pelosi also visited the Human Rights Museum and invited human rights activists from Hong Kong and Tibet to join her; Ming Zhe Lee李明哲 who is a Taiwan citizen with Chinese connections and experiences of working on human rights issues, once transferred his plane at Macau and was caught by the CCP in 2017 with 5 years of jail time; he was released few months ago and is on the list of Pelosi’s invitation.

The National Human Rights Museum is the place where tens of thousands of Taiwanese were disappeared or executed by then Chinese Nationalist Part, KMT. Files and previous jails are part of the museum, though they may not be perfect, it is the spot that we memorize our people and the dark history.

Here is the link for people who would like to visit this museum.

Anti-bullying politics

Nancy Pelosi was in pink suit when she arrived, representing anti-bullying and showing their support for our dangling democracy. The ties between U.S. and Taiwan will be even closer, and we will not forget the help from U.S.

We are glad to see more delegations to visit our country in the near future. Taiwan is an island 🏝 but we will not give in so easily. Thanks for all the support from other countries.

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