Taiwan delegation to Japan

After Pelosi had landed in Taiwan, our delegation visited Japan for discussing the draft of Taiwan Travel Act. The leader of the delegation, Kuo kuo wen, 郭國文, is the legislator of Democratic Progressive Party, DPP. He lead the team to pay a formal call in Japan with Japanese senators to discuss the future cooperation and cultural exchange. Also, our delegation went to Fukushima to show our support for their agricultural products after devastation from earthquake and tsunami. We saw the piano by then and files of students and teachers at the museum; those documents teach us how powerful the natural disaster is.

Taiwan Travel Act

Japanese version of Taiwan Travel Act after the Trump administration launched the first one in the world, encouraging all levels of officials to visit Taiwan or vice versa.

Taiwan Travel Act. Left four members: Taiwanese delegation. Photo courtesy of Mark Ho 何志偉

Japan-Taiwan Cultural Cooperation

The legislator Mark Ho invited Furuya Keiji to visit the National Palace Museum in Taipei, in the meantime, our art works could be held in Japan for locals to appreciate. Furuya Keiji is one of the members who dedicated efforts in helping Taiwan to show our creativity in Japan.

Taiwanese legislator Mark Ho and Furuya Keiji at All-party parliamentary group of Japan. Photo courtesy of Mark Ho 何志偉

Japanese Minister of State

Kono Taro welcomed our delegation with their warm support. We appreciate deeply.

Photo courtesy of 河野 太郎 Kono Taro, Japanese Minister of State, the center.

Overall situation for Taiwan

We are glad to see mutual delegations in the future. It’s time for Taiwanese to show our strength in the globe to contribute our wisdoms and be part of the world members 🌍

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