Taiwanese detained in Cambodia by Chinese scam syndicate

More than thousands of Taiwanese were attracted by online fake job postings through Facebook or other online media, after they contacted those employers, they were notified to receive more than USD $2,000 salary a month with housing and foods. According to news, victims were taken to the China town located in Sihanoukville Port, where lots of Chinese investors and businessmen had been there to bring the city back to life with lots of crimes afterward. In the beginning, many Chinese had been trafficked by the syndicate through Chinese; several years later, they could not find enough Chinese so they transferred their targets on Taiwanese. If one Taiwanese was caught by the organization, he had to find more there so he would be released soon, and this is the story that victim dictated.

Human trafficking

One of the Chinese based in Cambodia told the media that lots of people were kidnapped randomly by the syndicate, and most of them are Chinese; they were even labeled the price once they were taken into the car.

Take out organs

Some online videos show the public that women were beating by the man, some were raped or forced to take out organs based on the story that survivors told us. Some victims went there alone, some went with their boyfriends. Their cell phone and passport were confiscated by the time they landed in China town. There is no way out, and the only entrance out is guarded by many security guards.

The way to get out

One of the Taiwanese girls, Yuki, borrowed a sim card from a friend when she was kidnapped, she tried to surf the internet and found out the contact number of provincial governor in Sihanoukville. One online forum in all Chinese language showed the public how to get away with the syndicate, once people were transferred to China town. Yuki followed the online instruction, and was rescued in the third day of her kidnap.

For her full story, please click the link below.


Nationalities of victims

Chinese are the main ethnic groups that will be trafficked, Taiwanese and Malaysians have been included in recent years. Also the Cambodian immigration center and cops colluded, if someone has ever tried to call out for help, things would only become worse. Lots of victims had been exploited and spent much money before they were released.

Advice to Taiwanese

Do not trust any online job posting, especially the location is abroad. Low salary is the current trend, even if the jobs are high-paying, you will not save any money before you return home. Do not fully trust any Chinese speakers, even if you cannot understand English or any other foreign language. Some Taiwanese friends might set us up though we were all overseas. Asking help from Taiwan Representative Offices is one of the suggestions. In addition to Cambodia, Thai and Dubai are offering such positions for Taiwanese, so please be careful, if you do not plan to be part of the scam syndicate, just skip those online job postings. Another common and easy way to protect ourselves is to speak Taiwanese, despite being criticized, doubted or fabricated by certain groups of people, our native languages could help some people from illegal groups while abroad.

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