How to stay in Taiwan without speaking any local languages

The most challenging thing for foreigners in Taiwan is probably language barriers. Though the government and some banks will offer English service for visitors, it takes time for most foreigners to adapt to Taiwanese cultures. Here I would like to show you how to survive in Taiwan without learning any languages either Mandarin, Taiwanese Hokkien/Holo, Taiwanese Hakka or native languages.


Night market is convenient and available in almost each city of Taiwan, but if you cannot find any near you, or there are few supermarkets close to you, you may need to order from Uber Eats or Food Panda. However, I do not recommend these platforms simply because many people want their foods to be delivered quickly, which causes the danger of driver and the food itself may be destroyed during the delivery.

I would suggest ordering at Carrefour or Pchome. Though Carrefour was originated from France, it was merged by Uni-President Corporation few months ago, which is one of the biggest retailers in Taiwan and covers many industries from department store to convenience store, 7-11.

Pchome is online shopping platform with electric devices, grocery foods, fashion and books. If you don’t mind just looking pictures and ordering from it, it is pretty nice platform.

House Renting

UR House seems a convenient site for business investors, and foreign workers who would like to rent a place for the office or temporary housing. They do provide English and Japanese speaking assistants to help Westerners and Japanese visitors. For more details, please click the below link.

If you are a student, or an office worker with limited budget, the Rental TW seems a better option. You can find some apartments with furniture and the elevator. Here is the link.

Photo courtesy.

Bookstores and Cinemas

Many bookstores are having hard time surviving from the current digital world, so they transfer themselves into modern book cafes combined with department stores to attract more visitors. One of Taiwanese bookstores, Eslite, offers English novels and books for customers to order online. You may visit the physical store if it is possible. Japanese Tsutaya also offers meals for readers to enjoy.

Some bookstores offer online shopping with grocery foods and daily life supplies for customers to buy in the same time. Online bookstore like 博客來is probably the most convenient among others, people can order English books and ship to 7-11 to pick up. You may order some foods at the online bookstore, which is super crazy and convenient.

Bookstore like 墊腳石 has both online platform and real stores for customers to shop. It would be better if they can provide English function, so it would be easier for foreign shoppers.

Cinemas are always adjacent to the department store, the common one is located at the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi department. If you are a English speaker, it may not be a problem because most imported movies are English version with Mandarin subtitles.

Any help?

Any questions, please leave at the comment section so I can reply. Thank you for stopping by.

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