Gourmet Foods in Chiayi

When it comes to foods in Chiayi, the most famous cuisine that comes into Taiwanese minds is Turkey Rice. Now people can still enjoy this cuisine with side dishes and soup as a combo in their current cities. When I was a kid, I used to visit the Turkey Rice restaurant adjacent to National Science Museum in Taichung, though I have moved to another city, I still miss the flavor and those days. My favorite combo is rice with fried cabbage, and the Miso soup. Sometimes I would choose Taiwanese pork meatballs as my soup option, however, the restaurant provides simple flavor with few blocks of tofu mixed in Miso soup, where I can barely find in another place and that’s why I miss the Miso soup there. Unlike Japanese Miso soup, Taiwanese prefer less salt with more ingredients inside it. If you would like to take a tour of Chiayi, the following fruits are recommended for your souvenirs.

Taiwan Chiayi Aurora Melon

The local government helps organize the team to pick different seeds so they could make such a sweet fruit for us, and thanks to the cooperation of farmers, so we can enjoy the most juicy, and healthy cantaloupe which is the most unique breed in Taiwan.


Different from other cities in Taiwan, a group of farmers with specialty in growing fruits, dedicating time and energy in growing these exquisite tomatoes with milk and other ingredients to help them become sweeter.


Chiayi is the place for coffee lovers, if you would like to taste Taiwanese coffee, Ciayi is definitely the county that you should visit. According to fans of coffee, Taiwanese coffee taste a little bit of sour but I am not quite sure. Maybe you guys can try to sip the difference between Arabia beans and Taiwanese. As for the recommendation of our coffee, one of the secret mansion-Amber Coffee- located in Chiayi, where awards were given to this silent castle, attracting tourists and fans from long miles away to stay here for just one cup of coffee. If you want to enjoy your afternoon during free time with serenity, Amber may be your right destination. They grow their beans and roast by themselves.

Here is the address for visitors. No. 38, Bihu, Meishan Township, Chiayi County, Taiwan. Also you may take a look of the Facebook for more details. But normally they are just available during weekends.

Mullet Roeボッタルガ/からすみ: Champion Lin

Battargas/ Roe is one of the gifts that Japanese tourists would like to order when they visit Taiwan. Most people eat Roe as the side dish with beer, the salty taste with the drink served as a combo at typical Japanese bars. You may take it as the topping on your rice bowl. Roe is a little expensive food, but if you would like to buy in a large amount, you may have some discounts.


Chiayi is a perfect place for sightseeing especially the foods are delicious, and the people are friendly. Don’t forget to visit the Ali Mountain for enjoying foods with native Taiwanese, whose hospitality will make you stay longer and the gourmet foods that will make you miss Taiwan when you are back to home. The sunset and sunrise view at the mountain will certainly surprise you. Let’s visit Chiayi and have fun for few days.

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