Gourmet Foods in Changhua

The Changhua city government is preparing to host a feast with 100 tables on Oct.1 for visitors to enjoy local meals and desserts this year. Due to its popularity with the price of USD $116 for just one table, online applications are no longer available now; but if you want to visit this city without any experience, don’t feel bad about this. I am sure the Lukang old street will surprise you, also the nearby temple and arts village are a recommended package for you.

Meatballs with starch-made skin

We love meatballs with coriander on the top, actually, we eat many foods with coriander though some people hate it so badly. Changhua is the place for such meatballs, despite there are many different kinds in other cities, it is always the top 1 choice for tourists. Normally the dressing is sweet and sour, which goes well with many foods such as water boiled fish sticks made by syrup, commonly known as tempura in Taiwan. For new tourists, they may try the 阿璋Ah-Jang meatballs, as long as they go there by the following address, it may not be difficult to find this restaurant.
No. 144, Chang’an St., Changhua City, Changhua County

Peanuts package as a souvenir

It is said that the previous diseased president was the fan of this shop. Once he tried their peanuts, he couldn’t forget the flavor so he suggested some ideas for the owner to change their way of business. After that, their shop became one of the tourist attractions.

We like to eat peanuts with water rice, or simply take them as snacks while watching TV at home. If you want to bring some back to your hometown, try to visit this place for some peanuts.

Fried sticky rice blocks

Sticky rice blocks is an unique snack in Changhua, where other areas are almost inaccessible for foodies. So if you are in Changhua, please try this dessert, you may fall in love with it. The price for these blocks is around USD $1.6, but it depends on owners, sometimes we may find another good bargains. Some local desserts are coated with peanut powders which are very popular among our snacks, but in Changhua, there are deep fried snacks like this that makes people unforgettable.

Here is the address. No. 50, Taiping St., Changhua city. , Changhua County.

Video Tour

For local drinks, plum juice is a good choice during hot summer season; coffee and black tea are provided as well. Traditional black tea tastes different from British tea, it’s worth trying if you are a tea lover.

For more details, the Youtube clip here may provide you with more choices, if you are able to understand Taiwanese and Chinese language, this would definitely help you enjoy local foods. If not, it’s fine, you can show me the picture and I will answer you.

Recommended combo

For those who are not interested in meatballs, you may try stewed meats with rice (滷肉飯) which is one of the Taiwanese popular foods in our daily life. Fried buns is another famous cuisine in Changhua, if you do not like the rice blocks, I recommend this food for you.

I hope these information may help tourists who want to enjoy local foods in Changhua, especially those who cannot understand local languages. Thank you for reading this post.

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