Earthquakes in Taiwan

In the past few days, there were lots of earthquakes here with more than 6.4 magnitude to shock people. The last devastating quake was on Sep. 21, 1999, commonly known as 921 in Taiwan when people talk about the earthquake. It looks like we did not enjoy our weekend very much due to quakes with some horrified photos on the internet in the meantime. Although the earthquake epicenter was in Hualien, located in the east coast of Taiwan, we could feel the aftermaths and shakes even in other cities. One of public gyms in Taoyuan was collapsed, luckily no one was injured. Another bridge in Hualien, was broken down by the quake this time, cutting connections with other cities from that area. Here is the video published by local reporter.

The broken bridge.
Photo: TTV news

CNN also shared the news with the world to let people understand the situation in Taiwan. I did read some comments from others, mentioning about misinformation on CNN report, in overall, they said the whole thing correctly.

Indian reporter also published this news with more details regarding on-site photos, collapsed building images, and how people reacted right at that moment. Imagine that you were in Hualien, around the epicenter, it is definitely horrified and people would run away desperately.

This quakes have broken down many public buildings, torn apart private houses, and ruined companies such as 7-11 convenience store. We hope there won’t be another one, so we can keep our lives safely. God bless us all.

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  1. Saw some of this on the TV news!! Stay safe and hope your loved ones are too!

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      1. You are very welcome!

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