The World Heritage in Taiwan: Jinshan Coast

Jinshan coast is part of North Taiwan with the natural lagoon and sulfuric lake to keep boats well, the natural environment attracts sea creatures especially scaled sardines. The coast is the place where fishermen live and go fishing for a living.

Among so many fishing techniques in the world, fishing with sulfuric fire is unique which is the most ancient method still practiced in Taiwan. These scaled sardines are only here during July to Sep. each year, sometimes we may not be able to catch them under different circumstances. Traditionally, fishermen would drive three boats, one for light torch, another two for catching scaled sardines. But now they combine into one boat with mobility to catch them.

Scaled sardines are sensitive to light, so fishermen take this advantage of attracting them into fishing net by lighting sulfur. Since the sulfur and water will create acetylene gas, this is the first step that fishermen take to allure them. After that, these sardines would jump from the lake and they will be trapped into the net. Locals call this Pōnghuéá 蹦火仔.

Here is the video if you would like to experience it.

This fishing technique has been registered as World Heritage by the New Taipei government. We are glad to have such traditional culture here, though we need to bet our luck to see these creatures.

Taiwan International Fisheries & Seafood Show 2022

The seafood show will be held on Sep. 29 to Oct. 1 this week. If you want to purchase some fishing nets, seafood, or machines; this show will be a good start for you. The location is at the Nangang Exhibition Center, Taipei. If you want to join this event, please click the below link.

For seafood lovers, Taiwan is definitely your tourist destination. Please join and eat with us.

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