Happy World Animal Day

Let’s celebrate the world animal day by sharing cute photos with others !

Hsinchu city

If you are a fan of greenery, this metropolitan park in Hsinchu may be your destination. The transportation around here is convenient, just take few walks from the High Speed Rail station, and you could find this tiny yet cool amusement park. Kids and elders are friendly here.

Ducks along the lake in Hsinchu

Taichung city

This is the small zoo near Taichung Metropolitan Park, where you could feed animals and have fun with your family. The bad-smelling environment may scare some people away, but if you like nature and animals, this could be a free lesson for everyone.


Yasukuni Shrine is actually not that notorious place to visit. Except the historical problems between China and Korea, it is one of normal shrines where people find peace and calm themselves.

The pond in Yasukuni Shrine


My favorite street cat is Youichi, he is a ginger cat, but these black cats are probably another group of his friends. I am not sure, but they once negotiated with Youichi for foods. I can’t understand cat language, sometimes they talk loudly or fight.

Black cats 🐈‍⬛

Hope people enjoy being with these pets or animals. Sometimes they do make our days.

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