Taiwanese Memes

Citizens are crazy about memes these days, we could easily find so many of them through online platforms or private chats. Taiwanese get used to the Facebook and Line chats despite their risks and invasion of privacy; therefore, lots of memes are there for people to share and recreate. Almost each Line News is commented by some Chinese with hundreds of likes, even though their comments may not so popular among Taiwanese.

Student life topic

One of Taiwanese Twitter accounts, Peachy Boys TW, created this meme to show people how Taiwanese students survive each day. If there was a Hogwart, this could be the way we were. Students here eat bento from 7-11 with Tapioca milk tea or other drinks. We may bring Tatung cooker for making everything at the Potion class. Red wooden blocks for praying at the temple may be helpful at the Divine course. Also, traditional chess could be an amusement for overseas Taiwanese students. Ultimately, the traditional broom is super important especially when they want to win the Quidditch. The blue and white color sandal is not my style but its the origin of our slipper.

Meme courtesy of Twitter@PeachyBoysTW


The meme below shows that the media, Blue campaign, and even Communist Party ( the red) are supervising the Green campaign. These parties and news platform all target the Democratic Party. Here is the story.

Politicians are preparing to run the election this Nov., competition among different parties is fierce, in fact, it’s never easy for people who are with the democratic allies. The thesis plagiarism bomb started in 2020, when the candidate of the Chinese Nationalist party( KMT), Li Mei-jhen 李眉蓁, trying to win the Kaohsiung mayoral by-election. She was accused for thesis plagiarism with almost 90 % the same content from somebody else, therefore, she was forced to withdraw the competition. The overall progress took almost 1 year. After that, the thesis bombs have never stopped.

Few weeks ago, one of candidates of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), Lîm Tì-kian 林智堅, who was trying to run the Taoyuan mayoral election but withdrew from it by himself after being bombarded by the KMT party with his master theses. Lîm Tì-kian was lectured under the same dissertation director with the other student, Yu Zhenghuang 余正煌, who accused him for thesis plagiarism due to 40 % of data are identical, plus Yu Zhenghuang graduated 6 months earlier than him, which made the situation even worse though Lîm Tì-kian insisted that the original source was from him. He basically shared with the student Yu Zhenghuang to help him. The whole administration by the board of director at Universities took 1 month to announce their decisions.

p.s. Lîm Tì-kian is the Taiwanese spelling name.

Meme courtesy. Political parties from the left: DPP( green campaign), KMT( blue campaign) , Taiwan People’s party( white power), and New Power Party (yellow campaign)

So, do you get the picture of Taiwanese culture? Hope you guys enjoy these memes.

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