Happy Halloween 👻

The celebration and activities for the Halloween have become popular among young generations in Taiwan, many restaurants, shops, recreational parks are trying to attract more customers to join their events. This year, the LeoFoo Village maybe one of the best places that people could visit. The Tombstone theme park is waiting for everyone until Nov. 20.

Photo courtesy of LeoFoo Village.

The first image for people who take off the shuttle bus.

Photo courtesy of LeoFoo Village.
Photo courtesy of LeoFoo Village.

If you could make it for the Halloween lunch, you may enjoy your feast with evil spirits and ghosts. The lunch is for today, Oct. 31.

If not, there are many restaurants still opening for the Halloween party.

Photo courtesy of LeoFoo Village.

For more details about the village, please click the below link to check their schedule of shuttle buses, tickets, and restaurants. You may join other themes in addition to the Halloween.

Even legislators or councilors are joining events with the public, for the issues of gay parade, and other concerns.

Photo courtesy.

Please enjoy the holiday and don’t forget your own safety. Happy Halloween 🎃

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