Buddhist Deity Acala:अचलनाथ acalanātha ふどうみょうおう不動明王

The Buddhist Deity Acala is one of the popular beliefs among some Asian countries, its grotto in Taiwan is located in Beitou district, where lots of temples and hotels are in the mountain with hot springs for the public. Some visitors may take free shuttle buses to the hotel and walk to relics or the Beitou museum for sightseeing. Buses and taxis are available down the Buddhist grotto, I would recommend taking buses to the Beitou museum stop, and walk up along the road to the Buddhist Deity. The Acala grotto was traced back to 1920, when the Japanese hot spring owner, Shotaro Sano, had started the business in Beitou, he introduced the Deity Acala for praying good luck. It was said that Monster Snakes had terrified locals and eaten many livestock, so people caught and tried to kill them but they were released by Shotaro. After a while, Shotaro dreamed about Snakes all the time, so he built stone monuments for them and prayed. Since then, Snakes disappeared. Some people even said that the power of the Deity Acala stunned Monster Snakes, so Taiwanese started to believe the Deity Acala. However, history shows that those stone monuments may not have anything to do with the Deity Acala, so the legend still keeps its mystery.

If you want to take photos there, do not go inside the temple, but it is alright to see them across the road.

It is not allowed to have a shot of the Buddhist Deity Acala either, so if you are there, please appreciate the grotto only.

The Acala grotto in Beitou looks exactly like the one in Japan, so I am glad that we are able to be there and pray without visiting Japan.

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