Taiwanese soldier ended life in Ukraine over the war

Taiwanese volunteer soldier, Singciang, also known as Sheng-Guang Tseng, was dead on Nov. 2, 2022 for joining the war against Russian invasion. Singciang is the first Taiwanese who volunteered to be in Ukraine for fighting the freedom and democracy that people deem common beliefs in most countries. His death reminded us the spirit and courage that we have ignored for decades. Singciang can speak Chinese, English, Spanish, and A-mei native languages. He had trained in Taiwanese army for 5 years and then joined the Ukrainian team. His Japanese friend, ドブレ, passed away on Nov. 9 after few days of Singciang’s death. After Singciang was dead, ドブレ shared his photos with people in Taiwan and also said he would like to be his friend next life if there is one. ドブレ’s death also shocked and lectured us how cruel the war is.

The funeral for Singciang will be held in Lviv, at the Church of the Holy Apostles, on Nov. 14.

Photo courtesy

Though his remarks and suggestions for Taiwanese army were not adopted by then, his legacy remains. Despite the Chinese campaign and media blasted his behavior, and accused him of escaping from the debt; some people still respect and mourn over his death. The Ukrainian government treats him as hero for him fighting for the freedom and their country. He has fully fulfilled his duty as a Christian and Taiwanese.

Photo courtesy

If people are able to attend his funeral in Lviv, we really appreciate the deed. Hope his death could encourage more Taiwanese to stand up against Chinese oppression and invasion.

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